Frequently Asked Questions

LookSee Build N.Z. is a talent attraction programme for construction and engineering professionals.

If you're in the construction industry and are wanting to move to New Zealand, it's as simple as registering with us and creating an online profile that will be assessed by a member of our Talent Team. From there, you may be invited to upload a short personal video which could be put forward to participating employers along with your profile to review.

Once you have been put forward to employers our talent team will start matching you with suitable jobs on offer from the participating companies, and employers will be able to request to interview you through the LookSee platform.

Along the way you'll receive one-on-one support and access to seminars that will help you get NZ-ready and give you further insight into what it would be like to work for some of our participating employers.

If you generate interest from multiple employers you may be invited to attend a LookSee Build N.Z. Week held in Auckland during 2018. Many job offers will be made during LookSee Build N.Z. Week. However, hires can be made earlier. And if you can’t make it to N.Z. for the week, or you’re not quite ready to move, as a member of our talent community the door will be open for you to come to N.Z. through 2018 and beyond.

The first LookSee Build N.Z. Week took place in Auckland on Sunday 18th February until Sunday 25th February 2018.

Those invited to LookSee Build N.Z. Week, enjoyed a week consisting of job interviews, employer events, social gatherings, immigration support and connecting with our team and companies who are here to make your move to New Zealand as easy and rewarding as possible. As part of the week candidates also enjoyed their pre-selected NZ experience.

Further LookSee Build N.Z. Weeks are in the pipeline for 2018 and beyond. So keep an eye on your inbox, as we will be in touch via email.

Jump over to to create a profile and register for LookSee Build N.Z.

Don’t forget to submit your profile once you’re done. Click the LookSee Build N.Z. picture on your dashboard then follow the links to the “Submit” button.

Once you’ve created your LookSee candidate account, you’ll need to complete your personal profile by providing all the required information. These include the following:

  • Personal information
  • Work history & education
  • Rank your skills
  • Upload CV/resume
  • Questionnaire

Your profile will only be activated and searchable by the LookSee Talent Team once all the required fields are complete. You may also be invited to submit a personal video introduction at a later stage.

You will receive an email notification if your LookSee profile is identified as a possible match for job opportunities – either by our LookSee Talent Team, or by employers if you are participating in a campaign. Remember, the sooner you complete your details, the sooner your profile will be searchable.

Simply log in to your LookSee account using your email address and password, view your Profile and click the ‘Edit’ button. You can update your information from the profile editor page at any time.

The LookSee Team will have access to your LookSee account and profile data. If you have the right skills and experience, you may also be put forward to our participating employers. And for visa purposes your profile may also be shared with Immigration New Zealand.

Invites for LookSee Build N.Z. Week are now closed..

If you did not receive an invitation to LookSee Build N.Z. Week please do not take this as a reflection of your skills or experience; rather, that places are limited and we had a large number of highly talented individuals apply, meaning we had to select the closest matches for the job types included in this campaign. As a member of our talent community, opportunities will be available for you throughout 2018 and beyond.

Absolutely! When you register with LookSee Build N.Z. you are registering to join a talent community that will give you access to New Zealand employers looking for people like you.

We are seeking middle-senior level construction and engineering professionals.

Yes, in New Zealand there is a skill shortage in many of the construction trades, so if you're a 'Tradie' we would encourage you to register.

LookSee Build N.Z. is for construction and engineering professionals only. If you are skilled in another sector and interested in job opportunities in New Zealand you can still register with LookSee by creating a profile and selecting the type of work you are looking for here:

If you’re looking for work in New Zealand and would like to be put in front of our participating employers, you can register with LookSee Build N.Z. at any time.

However, registrations for LookSee Build N.Z. Week are now closed.

Yes, LookSee Build N.Z. will provide a concierge service to help you plan your move to New Zealand and offer one-on-one support to make your move as easy as possible. This support includes full assistance with your visa application, insurance and financial advice, housing and accommodation options, education advice for school aged children, pet relocation servoces and more. Some employers may offer you additional relocation packages which you can be discussed with them directly during the recruitment process.

If you are invited for LookSee Build N.Z. Week in February 2018, and accept a job offer from a LookSee employer then we will reimburse up to $2,000 NZD towards your travel. This will be reimbursed 90 days after you have commenced work in New Zealand.

We are looking for skills that match the demand of our participating employers. You can check the range of roles we are looking for on our homepage.

Due to the high volume of registrations received, unfortunately we’re unable to provide individual feedback. Please note that this is not a reflection of your knowledge, skills or experience; rather, that places are limited and we had to select the closest matches for the job types included in this campaign.

If you accept a job with one of our participating employers, we will manage the preparation of your work visa, through our immigration provider, EY.

This means as well as managing the process on your behalf, we’ll cover the administration fee of your work visa application.

Note that any Government fees charged by Immigration New Zealand, generating medical clearances, and/or police checks fall outside of this administration process and are therefore not covered by us. This is because they can vary significantly from country to country. Dependent visa costs for partners and/or children will also be your responsibility and are not covered by us.

If you wish to use your own provider, or complete the visa process yourself, you will have the option to. However, this will mean we are unable to cover any costs towards your visa application.

If you can do this, then we encourage it. Moving to New Zealand is a big decision and our experience is that it is most successful when all members of the family are along for the ride.

Yes, most employers in New Zealand will require candidates to demonstrate strong English language competency.

If you have a question that we haven’t answered here, feel free to send us a message on Facebook or using the Contact Us form below and someone will be in touch